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The SG8A-ORIN-GMSL2 adapter board, which allows up to 8 cameras to be connected to the Jetson AGX Orin/Xavier module, is fully compatible with the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin/Xavier Development Kit. As there are many different types of GMSL cameras available, the adapter board can be adaptively operated ..
Brand: Firefly Stock: 1000
CT36L AI Smart Camera is powered by RV1106G2, featuring an ARM Cortex-A7, a frequency of 1.2GHz, and 0.5T NPU. With a 5-megapixel ISP, it supports advanced image enhancement and correction algorithms, including HDR and WDR, as well as multi-level noise...
Brand: IndustryPC Stock: 1000
DescriptionsProductsDisplay / Touch Screen / Glass CoverBrandsIndustryPC Customization Size / Material4.5'' / 5'' / 7'' / 8'' / 10.1'' / 11.6'' / 13.3''... (Gorilla Glass, Asahi Glass Optional)..
Brand: Firefly Stock: 1000
Note:The camera (4M Camera Module OS04A10) is currently adaptive to these mainboards/platforms: Core-1126-JD4, AIO-1126-JD4Other mainboards or platforms are not supported at present...
Brand: Firefly Stock: 1000
This accessory only supports Android, not Ubuntu.                  Suitable for Firefly series boards: Firefly-RK3399, Firefly-RK3288;                  Suitable for AIO series boards:AIO-3399J、AIO-328..
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